Frequently Asked Questions

What's your refund/cancellation policy?

Full refunds are available until June 1st. After that we may offer them on a case by case basis but membership fee will be non-refundable. Rescheduling is offered free of charge and can be done at anytime as long as space is available.

What does “drop in program” mean?

More flexiblity in your scheduling! We offer daily pricing so you are not locked into a full week at a time. Drop off/ pickup is available anytime within our operating hours of 10am- 4pm.

Does my camper need to know how to swim to participate?

  • Campers do not need to be strong swimmers or know how to swim at all for the water activities. 
  • We only allow the campers to go up to their knees (4-6 years old) , waist (7 and up)  or lower depending on water conditions, so they're not really swimming per se. 
  • We have a 1:6 ratio for camp awesome mini and 1:7 ratio for the others in the water and the staff make a “net” around the kids, making sure they don't go past us or outside the boundaries. 
  • We are also certified through Los Angeles County Beaches & Harbors and are located near a lifeguard tower with a lifeguard dedicated to watching our campers.
  •  Before entering the water we speak to said lifeguard and go over current conditions and relay that information to the campers. Most campers are “playing” in the water more so than swimming. 
  • Campers do not have to get in the water but we do all go down to the shore together. There will be dedicated staff for those not getting wet.
  • All staff are CPR and First aid certified.

What age group should I place my camper in?

Campers should join the camp site for the age that they will be when they will attend camp even if they will be old enough for the next age group later in the year.

What is your current mask policy?

Although highly recommended, masking for campers is optional at this time for beach camps. Masks will not be worn during water time and eating. All staff will continue to wear masks, however this is subject to change.

Note: masks are still required for our Saturday Clubhouse events.

Can I see availability without paying the membership fee?

Yes! From our summer tab, scroll down to the list of upcoming camps. On the top right of that section you will see an option for calendar view. Select this and you can see each upcoming camp listed in different color blocks. Either a “Full” or “W” indicates which camp is fully booked for the day. Availability constantly changes as families rearrange their schedules and if additional staff becomes available. Availability calander 

Can I switch days if my plans change?

Yes! We can switch your originally purchased camp days for any other camp days that are available. Camp days can also be switched between siblings or other family members attending camp. Spots CANNOT be switched between other campers who are not in the same household or family. If there are camp days that you can no longer attend, please email us at contact@campawesome.com and we can assist you!


Do I need a membership to get on the waitlist?

Yes, in order to be added to our waiting list the membership fee needs to be paid. However, if you are not offered any of the days you waitlisted for please contact us and we can refund the charges.

How will I be contacted if space becomes available?

An email will be sent out to the primary email address on file if space becomes available. We will hold the spot for 24hs. After that the spot may be offered to another family.

Where can I find my position on the waitlist?

Reach out to us at contact@campawesome.com for inquiries.

Can I add additional approved guardians for pick up?

Absolutely! Once you have your Brightwheel account you can manage your approved list under each campers profile. Be sure to add a phone number or email address so the children can link with the guardians account. You can also message us via the brightwheel app for assistance. Don't know what Brightwheel is? Scroll all the way down for more info!

Do I need to share my Brightwheel pin with other adults allowed to pick up my camper(s)?

Each adult listed will get their own pin. All campers they are allowed to pick up should show under their personal account. If anyone is missing from the list please contact us.

How can we reach you during camp hours?

  • We welcome checking in to see how your campers are doing throughout the day through the Brightwheel app. If you don't already have an account we will send you a link to join close to your camper's start date of camp. Here you can also notify us of any late drop offs or early pick ups. We will also use Brightwheel to reach out to you with any notifications/reminders while your camper is in attendence.
  • For general inquiries please reach out to contact@campawesome.com

Does my child need money at camp?

  • Pizza Fridays – Every Friday we will be having pizza for lunch! If you are interested in having your camper join please send them with $5. Unfortunately, this year we will not be providing drinks or additional snacks. Please send them with anything extra you think they made need.
  • Ice Cream Truck – CAMP AWESOME® will usually be visited by an Ice Cream Truck daily. The schedule is not readily available as they stop by the area randomly. If you would like to send your camper with cash ($2-$3) to purchase an optional treat from the truck you may do so. Money must be in a sealed bag to prevent loss and may only be shared among household members. Please be aware we can not hold on to cash for the campers and they need to be responsible for it themselves

Proactive Parents

Each of your campers are so special and unique and as a parent you knowthem best. Working together, we can be sure your camper is set up to have a successful time with us!


If your camper requires an EPI Pen please clearly mark their bags with where the medication is located in case of emergency. Please also remind staff at drop off. Our staff changes daily and we want to be sure they are aware. 


Please be sure to apply sunscreen before your camper arrives at the beach. If your camper has fair skin we recommend using Zinc based products and wearing a hat. You can also send them with long sleeve rash guards and thin pants to protect their legs. We spend time in the shade and reapply sunscreen throughout the day, but we find that campers who begin the days with a strong base have better protection from the sun.


If your camper has any special needs ( ie autism spectrum, disabilities..) Please contact us prior to their first day of camp to ensure we can provide the best and safest experience. When you arrive at camp please remind us at check in about the conversation.


If there is anything else you feel we should be aware of in regard to your camper please do not hesitate to let us know at check in.


Check In/Out Procedure

 For our check in/out procedures please download the app Brightwheel. This app is accessible through mobile (iOS & Android for free) and computers.

Registering Takes 2 Easy Steps

1. Download app or View Website

2. A registration email or text will be sent to you from brightwheel.

Don’t worry if you don’t get the invite right away. You will get it closer to your enrollment date. 

This App Will Allow Parents To:

• Check campers In/Out with no contact

• Communicate with camp staff

• Edit approved pickups


Once your account is made please log in to review all information for accuracy. Here you can updated any information for your camper, as well as add/remove approved guardians. If your camper will be bringing an EPI pen please add details on their account where it can be located in their backpack. Staff can not hold on to any medication.

Even though this app is in real-time, the kids are our #1 priority at Camp Awesome, so updates may not always be on real-time.